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Welcome to our back issues and sets of back issues page. You will likely notice that some separate back issues are priced at $6 and some issues are $10 or $15. We discovered in 2010 that some of our MC2 issues were appearing on other sites for $15-$20, so we felt it was correct to raise our prices to meet those.

If a back issue has a greater price than $6 it is in short supply and is not allowed to be a choice in a offer where you can choose your selection of back issues. You'll also notice we no longer have some issues available for sale. 

We have noticed in 2013 an increase in global traffic for single-issue sales of magazines, and some larger boxed sets. Please be aware that our site is set up for postage costs of US Mail to US residents, so we will after your purchase add the cost of the global mail above that original cost for USA delivery. We will likely contact you about that matter. The USPS costs of $5 or $11 approx. are added during the checkout for the Priority Mail package or box for US residents.

If you have questions, please e-mail us publisher@mc2magazine,com or c all us at 360/ 698-7926 (Seattle)