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digital issue #40

digital #40
With a Tangerine Orange VTEC-powered classic cover, we kick off some high-powered coverage of two major US events- the MTTS and MTTI. Yes, Puerto Rico had it's first MINI Takes The Island. Wish we were there!

In addition, to those two great events, we have the first story on Project, the new Bonneville record by our New Zealand friends in a '64 Mini at 156mph. We back it up with the very first record, set by MiniMania and friends back in 1986 at 125mph+. All a great read!

Our UK Editor, Rob Marshall, spent some times with the WRC rally team, got some exclusive videos, and took a ride along with the team, too. Another great story across the low mountains of Wales.

In the tech area, Technical Features Editor, Jeff Zurschmeide, takes us into the 3rd of 3 feature about increasing power in your MINI engine with the tech about who, how and why of increasing power the way it was done for many years- cubic inches, decking and all that great stuff.

Of course, we've the usual columnists that we started three issues ago, and the usual club events and news on MINI, new parts, and Your Wheels/Your Words.