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digital issue #50

digital #50
Issue #50 is a milestone for us aas few small magazines reach this number, so we are celebrating with our Design Editor's (Murray Pfaff of Pfaff DEsign) help on the coming MINI 2-seat Roadster sportcar. It relates to our cover of MINI's recent concept Superlegerra. No BS here, as we don't know everything about this coming MINI, but we do share our thoughts and insights into what could be, and what is coming.
Also, we show the unique and coming frelationship between Panasonic Audio and MINI in the Abbey Road Studio's really interesting Clubman sound system project. This was overlooked by many as just another in-car sopiund system project- but it's more.
For a little armchair adventure we take you to the recent Can-Am Challenge races and the journey of our intrepid reporters. Then we get exclusive with our MONGOL Rally team from Australia. Spon soired by MC2 and CooperCRAP, Inc., we helped two nutty AUssies to take a Justa Cooper from London to Mongolia in 15,000 miles of great adventure. We'll takje 3 issues to tell their story!
Tech and DIY reading comes from our insights into Seafoam and its virtues, a simjple DIY to reoplace burned-out bulbs, and how to keep your cool with that hot engine.
If you attended MOTD 2014, then our coverage is a must read. As is our exclusive story & photos of Mini Mania's Nevada City Adventure and 40th Anniversary.
We wrap the package with our final installment on our 2002 S Project Alter-Ego. Don't worry, it'll be staying with us for further simple DIYs and installs as we install a rebuilt supercharger from AutoX Cooper in the next issue.