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digital issue #51

digital #51
In our issue #51 we report on our Project Alter-Ego's attempt to compete in the Optima Battery Ultimate Street Car races, a Goliath vs David entrant if ever there was one! But we did ok, and had fun admits Murray, MC2's Design Editor.

We lead this issue with Part 1 of the MTTS on 6 pages, then follow that with 4 pages of the Buffalo MTTS stop. You have to read our Part 2 of the Mongol Rally adventure!

In DIY, we have replacing your plugs, wires, and the great Stahlbus oil valve. Then we rebuild a supercharger with AutoXCooper, and cover our Project Clubman with a Covercraft cover.

We finish with the MINI Meet East/West event, MINI Takes St. Johns , Canada and have a little marital bliss in one MINI. Also, we cover tghe Pittsburgh Vintage GP and the basics of getting sponsorships.