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digital issue #55

digital #55
MC2 #55 is our 10th anniversary issue starting our 11th year :)

We thought we would offer something different by featuring the Mini Traveler of Madness Autoworks, a unique shop in the Los Angeles area. An extensive re-engineering, this is another one-off expression of Mini's past with a modern approach to engine & drivetrain- not forgetting its one-off Steampunk styling!

In the events area we cover the recent World Record attempt for car in a row by MINI at Mackinac bridge, tackle the Targa Newfoundland, and a take a little ferry trip.

Technical in this issue includes installing a set of Bilstein struts, installing Canton Racing's new P/S fluid tank, Scorpion's excellent stainless steel exhaust, and replacing the rear tailgate with Pelican Parts.

For the geek in most MINI owners, we took a deep dive into the physics of HPDE with our new find, Randy Beikmann PhD. A solid read about MINI Dynamics!

Of course, you'll find the usual columns, news, and general global coverage on our friends in Europe and Australia, too.