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digital issue #56

digital #56
In issue #56 we give our views of the new 4-door Clubman ( as both our publisher and senior correspondent own/have owned 3-door Clubbies) at the US debut last December.

Our Project Alter-Ego R53 having been so successful in 2014, we're doing another R53 with our new associate editor Donald Bram of LXM FAcebook fame. We started an issue with Scorpion exhaust and EBC brakes, and we keep going this issue with Bilstein and NM Engineering suspension using the new Quickjack lift we test thisn issue.
As part of our thesis on the growth of the Countryman SUV as a proper urban/trail vehicle we introduce the ALCAN 5000 and their unique suspension system for it. This is just the start of something BIG for us at MC2, so sty tuned to our Facebook page!

We're very happy with the Wind Restrictor team as our Janet Ford's testing has shown in her open-top MINIs. Then we bring back our Project Clubman for an XPEL clear bra covering, and introduce Pacesetter's new R53 exhaust system.
In our Tech Notes pages we install and test the Ignition Projects ignition parts and install new Brisk spark plugs with them.
The events this issue are Ozarks and MINIs In Foliage.