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General Store

Welcome to the MC2 General Store...the place for great MINI swag and very cool motoring and car care gear!
In the MC2 General Store, not only do we sell our own "Cousin Ernie" T-shirts, but we have selected some products we believe are unique and we can offer a great value on.  If you're a current MC2 magazine subscriber in the US and can beat any of these offers on identical merchandise sold in the USA, then let us know and we'll beat that price by adding a copy or two to your current MC2 magazine inventory. Also, remember we're charging our cost on the shipping, with no handling charge, so the value's even better.
The Wheelwax is not only the best wheel care product, we offer their tire care product, Extreme Black.
If your MINI's wheel arches are dull and suffer from too much sun, then try the best treatment in the MINI community- Black Wow. It's just the best we've been able to find for restoring that dull black fender arch to a really deep black luster
Also, you'll find we now stock the wonderful Prima Car Care system. We believe we should initially offer Prima in sets that solve a need, this is why you'll find them in three or four bottles to a set. If your MINI needs to start with a wash, then progress to a shine, then wax/polish, our sets of Prima offers that, and then will care for your MINI for several months with your initial supply. Like Black Wow! and Wheelwax products, we sell Prima at the manufacturer's suggested retail as that is the demand of the manufacturers of those products. You'll not find lower prices anywhere- unless the retailer wants to stop selling that product.
If you have any questions about bulk quantities of Ernie mugs, Vincie bags or other products we sell, e-mail us at , or call 360/ 698-7926  (Seatle area) and we'll get back to you very soon.
All purchases of Vincie Bags, clothing, books, and car care products are non-refundable and non-returnable.