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10 days of MINIac Christmas 2019

December 16, 2019

Greetings from Seattle, HQ for MC2 since 2005...

We're going to have a little fun & games, nothing serious for several days. The prizes, gifts and such for answering questions on our social media and/or website are from a few of MC2's advertisers and business promotional partners. The prizes and such we're having fun with are likely valued at no more than $50 including shipping to a US address.

So, here's some basics...

Anything that requires shipping must have a US address as international shipping is too expensive, and some stuff gets lost! 

Anything that can be sent via e-mail or a file transfer service is open to all residents of planet Earth (yes, the International Space Station crew can enter). 

If you win the prize for answering a question, or other idea we have in store for you, you have to give us your mailing address, e-mail, phone and such as our form requests. Any form missing the required details is void. This personal data is shared between MC2 and the company, business that is donating the gift or prize for out mutual business benefit, business promotion. MC2 and these partners can use this (your) freely-submitted data until you opt out of MC2's and/or their e-mails contacting you as required by various laws globally. If you don't want to be named as a winner in this little fun & games, then please don't enter as we want to tell everyone socially who we sent what to for playing with us. The fun & games ends after Boxing Day.  The prizes won are the responsibility of the company sending them, not MC2 magazine. Prizes will be sent after Christmas due to losses in mailing this time of year, but before January 3, 2020. 

Once we say you've won something we'll put you in touch with the company the gift, prize is coming from as it's their responsibility at that time. 

Questions, contacts:

[email protected]

360/ 698-7926 Seattle, USA 

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