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About MC2

So, you're wondering what we're about eh?..

Your first question is likely, "What's MC2 stand for?" It's MINI Cooper 2nd generation, as we're not allowed to use the name brand MINI or Cooper in our title. Also, it has a connotation of MC squared, as in that famous equation, so we penned a mascot we named Cousin Ernie seen here.  Very our unique and eccentric T-shirts one for size here:,10,8 We answer to both names. 

We started compiling MC2 in Spring 2005 and printed December 7, 2005.  Like so many issues, #1 is not available from our back issues inventory as we've sold out forever a few years back. Fact is, we have very few c copies from issues before our 2nd-generation MC2 when we changed our logo and art director with issue #38.

We print all color, on a high-quality #2 grade of glossy paper (that's 1 or 2 grades better than most car mag's these days) of heavier 80lb cover and a 60lb inner stock. We publish six times yearly, but we leave ourselves some wiggle room as we try to squeeze into our pages great features or something (like Guerlain Chicherit's World Record backflip shown here) as we're not monthly. Never know, something really curious or stunning may cross our desk days before the printer starts their job!

If you're in need of Mini history (remember, Mini classic 1959-2000 is lower case letters, with the new BMW MINI being all uppercase as per BMW's usage) we recommend buying a boxed set of issues from our early days available in our Back Issues tab (,10,8) As we've matured, having covered the early days of Mini in so great a depth, we're covering the R53 and R56 chassis more, especially with DIY, tech and our growing inventory of project MINIs. With a publisher that has spent 37 years in the auto magazine field, and a staff that actually owns Minis and MINIS, we've developed columnists on audio and  global topics, as well as a technical editor and event staff that are specific to their areas of interest. 

Our Project Alter-Ego, our Design Editor, Murray Pfaff's 2002 S daily driver is our latest in-depth series covering issues #46 - #50. From the aero parts to the Hella lights, the BavarianAuto clutch to the Airlift Performance airbag suspension (a first in the US with MINI, and a first for MC2) , it's been on the road since MINIs On The Dragon (May 1st) amassing several thousand miles, not to mention competing in a autocross where it placed third! 


Our latest project in 2018 is Project SuperCooper, a 2009 Clubman wagon. Trying for 450hp, it's not only a work in progress this last year, but also the first Clubman with a widebody kit built with the US market in mind by a US & Mexican team. It's a little crazy, but then we and the creator, Kevin Parker, are looking to push the envelope beyond the normal with styling and horses in the N14 engine.  Project coverage started in our issue #58, so look here for  that issue and read all about it...,10,8




As we get ready for issue #50 this Summer, we're readying a suite of new sites that will take MC2 truly global in both information and other areas, with major names in the MINI brand.  So join our merry band of MINIacs, buy a subscription to MC2 today, and make your MINI happy!