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MC2 issue #54

MC2 #54
MC2 issue #54 launches our 10th anniversary with a grant giveaway of 2 REC Mini watches (they're built in Denmark!)

This issue feature Andy Cohen's interview with Patrick McKenna of MINI USA. We lobbed a few softballs at Patrick about products and the MTTS 2016, and revceived a few direct answers in the 4-page story. Next issue we hope to have details from the studio on the Clubman.

Meanwhile, we have two nifty small features up front of the book on venting the engine heat through your Countryman's hood, and one very well dipped hatchback MINI. A less-costly job that traditional paint for sure!

We installed the first of the P3 Gauges VIDI for the R53, and touched-up our Project Clubman's chips with the aid of Automotive, and made everyopne's Cabrio a one-touch usage with the helpmof the SmartTop Module.

Then we went nuts with a BBK on our Project Clubman that are certainly tenacious given its a monobloc setup and very "groovy" rotors! Wen followed that with an install of a set of EBC High-Carbon Blade Rotors and Redstuff pads on Associate Editor Donald Bram's R53 for good measure. The Pelican Parts team helped us with a brake sensor tech piece, too.

Our VERY exclusive story & coverage of THe American Job should have evryone knowing that the spirit of giving to a child in need is international with this story written by our friend Joanie, with photos by those who helped raise a large chuck of $ for charity!

Also, we have an EXCLUSIVE story on Classic Minis United's very cool event in the hills of the Dragon's road- an alternative to the usual MOTD with your classic.

EWe finish with Helenblitz, SCMM's annual show, the usual clumnists, a great VTEC-powered classic wagon, and news on MINI racing, info and a review of Randy Beikmann's fascinating "Pyhsics For Gearheads" book.