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MC2magazine issue #42

issue #42
Issue #42 is our fifth issue in the new graphics and content package of MC2. This issue's cover feature is the JCW Countryman by our UK Editor, Rob Marshall, during his test drive in Portugal (Issue #43 he drives a Paceman from Spain to London). This is an issue we're quite pleased with as it's coverage is really varied and very global, from Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

With a greater assortment of exclusive photos provided us by Gravi-T, the MINI backflip team, we spread their story across 4 pages of photos that show how this stunt was accomplished, as ell as talk about the inner design and highlights of the MINI. This will not be their only stunt, of that we're quite sure!

Then it's over to Germany and the home of the vaunted AC Shnitzer Raptor. They loaned us some of their photos, and we get some details on how they made a record MINI without getting into the engine. We hope to test the Raptor later this year for ourselves!

We take a trip back in time with Graham from Heritage Garage, a leading classic Mini garage in the Los Angeles area with his class win with teammates in the LaCarrera PanAmericana race. Our MINI Futures series looks into the coming MINI styling and interior. We take a day trip to Sydney, Australian for some exclusive photos of a one-off Aussie MINI turned into a "ute" (short for utility) that's really unique on the planet. Then we sidestep to New Zealand for our own take on the SPCA Drivin' Doggies that made history by driving a Countryman.

You should surf on over to our new for our exclusive usage of several videos on the flip, and insight into the dog days of drivin'!

We "go deep" into the details of brake pads, then take some track time at MINI Thunder, the premier track day event in the US for MINIs. We left the Sigmond family's MINI and USMC-theme back east, but did manage some time to Tour de Donut with the St. Louis club.

This is just the beginning for the "new & improved" MC2 magazine, as we're launching our own video site, re-launching GoMotoring, and starting 2-3 other MNINI projects. Buy a subscription and be part of the "in crowd"!