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If you're a fan of Top Gear TV's mysterious Stig, then you have to buy "The Man In The White Suit" by the former Stig himself, Ben Collins. A proper read as the English say, this is a fun and fact-filled book of what went on behind the scenes without tarnishing anyone's reputation. Ben Collins takes the reader through lots of harrowing stunts and great gags, as well as his own personal journey in the white Alpine Nomex suit. 

For the latest on Ben, read our exclusive interview with him in MC2 issue #37, the April/May 2012 issue available in the back issues section of our website.

The Automotive Workshop On A Budget, written by former MC2 magazine contributing editor Jeff Zurschmeide is a top-notch book on how to build a nice garage. Unfrotunately, his MINI Performance Handbook is no longer available as it's been two years since debut and has sold out of printing. 

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