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Are you moving your MINI to a new home address soon?  Then please let us know well before you move.
We mail all subscriber's copies at 3rd or standard-class USPS. This level of mail is not forwarded by the USPS, so you must inform us you are moving and of your new address change no less than 15 days before the magazines are due to mail, otherwise you may not get the next issue as part of your subscription. We try and keep these dates scheduled on our subscription page, so please make sure you inform us before the date for the next mailing.
If we use the existing address you gave us with your subscription for mailing your subscription copy and you moved without telling us in time we are not responsible for mailing a replacement copy as it wasn't lost, it was mailed and was likely thrown away by the USPS due to being not deliverable as addressed, or in the case of a "snowbird" address, it was temporarily undeliverable. We will not replace the copy that was sent to the address you gave us for your subscription.

Please understand we have already spent $2 fo the first delivery of your magazine. It costs us .60 cents to mail bulk subscriptions, and $2 to $3 for a single copy 1st class replacement of a magazine mailed across the USA, so we are watching our costs so we stay profitable and are able to serve everyone. We do not replace lost/damaged paper copies internationally, we send a PDF via e-mail due to the cost of such a single piece of mail.
Barry Brazier, Publisher
360/ 698-7926 (Seattle)

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