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September 15, 2015


Welcome to our new digital magazine page. Having had tragic service with our prior digital magazine using a custom app and a newsstand system in 2014, we have designed our own software derived from a PDF-type format. As it is a PDF in nature we have chosen to host your library of MC2 issues in our own system for 100% control and servicing of your digital needs, meaning you'll not actually download them to your computer or such, we'll host you from MC2's servers. You never have to worry about lost issues or content as we have it locked down for you.


You'll load your paid single, bundles of issues and your subscriptions right here, available 24 hours, every day of the year inside your own digital content library.  Once you're connected to the Internet from your desktop or portable device (complete integration coming late September) you'll be able to read how and when you want, and if for any reason something's wrong, please e-mail us at with the subject line " problems with my digital magazine" with your name, phone number and we may be back to you in minutes in business hours via phone or e-mail. Also, our number is 360/ 698-7926 in Seattle, WA. 


Click here to see an overview of the process… . As you can see, we've set up every account as a library unto itself. This way you have an account shelf and library for all you've purchased.  We hope you like our design, but do welcome your input at  


Thank you,

The MC2 team