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digital issue #47

digital #47
MC2 issue #47 has two distinct facets: It shows where MC2 is going editorially, and where the MINI brand is transitioning in its appearance due to aftermarket offerings, too.
This issue is our first off-road foray with the Countryman thanks to the team build-up, and Jill Raymer's own Countryman. The CooperCRAP Countryman is extensively modded from their 2-inch lift kit to lots of 4x4 utility parts. It's 6 pages of info for that owner!
This issue we continue our exclusive search with a HEMI-powerd hatch, and get into our Project Alter-Ego part I where we start bolting on a few parts, strip the body down, and hint at some wild body mood's. Stay tuned, we have 3-4 issues to go with our Alter-Ego!
We have several simple and complex how-to's from urethane bushings to oil/filter change thanks to Powerflex and Pelican Parts, too.
Just for some fun, we spend a weekend with the LeMons racers, and wrap a few events from Ozarks to MINIs In The Mountains. Our visit this time is to Quebec, Canada.