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digital issue #53

digital #53
With issue #53 we increase our editorial coverage of racing with an exclusive cover of the new LAP Motorsports team competing 3 MINIs.

Additional and exclusive to MC2, we drop the curtain on our 4 months of secrecy on the JRM team out of the UK with their ex-Prodrive WRC Countrymen competing the European WRX series. We'll be covering both well this year!
In tech we install a new set of rotors & talk brake fluid, install a new PedalBox throttle mod system, and talks oil filters. Don't miss part II on lighting, bulbs either!

Part II of our 3-part body story goes into the 2nd part of the fix-it process and we talk about your rights on a national level. We conclude this issue #54 with our Project Alter-Ego's paint and custom work and how you can tackle that job no matter where you live in the US.

Features this issue are two stunning jobs, one a classic that was a real rust bucket, the other a fast and well-designed R53.
Events, we cover Mickey & MINI, visit The Villages MINI club, and go once again to Dakar with our globally-excluisve interview with Sven Quandt, the Director/CEO of the X-Raid rally raid team- a story complete with a broad photo selection never used by any magazine before!

You should buy a subscription to not miss issue #54 as it's our final issue before out 10th anniversary issue :)