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Issue 32

With the June-July issue MC2 Magazine celebrates the 5th anniversary of the GP, with a cover photo of Jan Brueggemann's special Revolution Mini Works race-ready GP. Publisher, Barry Brazier, disects GP# 0625 starting on page 25 with a story entitled Five years Later.  RMW's test sled is unique, even among GPs in that it is one of the fastest MINIs on the track. It is race capable, street legal and one handful of fun to drive. As you'd expect from one of Jan's cars, the GP has received the attention of one of the master's special tuning jobs, plus it has a revamped stroker engine, Rotrex supercharger, Group4 Autosport aerodynamics, JRZ 2-way shocks all around and a host of other special features.

Following up our cover story, we offer a retrospective on the GP --  one of the most sought after MINIs ever made. Just a limited number of these unique cars were produced at the Bertone assembly plant in Turin and they were carefully parceled out by MINI to their markets around the world. The US received just 415 of the 2,000 cars produced and although many of them are now on their 2nd or 3rd owners, all are carefully being cared for and many of them have been modified. Oscar Revelli took his new GP around the world (From Florida) and then shipped it back to Italy and converted it into a racing car. Sterling Smith, bought his GP used, has carefully modified it and is using it as a daily driver. To learn more, read Peter D. DuPre's story, The MINI GP starting on page 30.

On page 22 of this issue, our UK Correspondent, Rob Marshall, writes about Staging The Comeback and MINI's first official kickoff of their all new WRC rally cars at the Oxford plant. It's his first visit with the cars since his tour of ProDrive's workshops to see the WRC under development and Rob is impressed with both the rally car and the team assembled to put the MINI WRC into the Winner's Circle. Following up on page 24, editor Peter D. DuPre recaps MINI's first rally outing in, Rally On, where the WRC team enters the Sardinia rally, experience some mechanicals and finished in 6th position. Not bad for the first time out!

If you ever driven a car equipped with run-flat tires, then you no doubt have very strong opinions, pro or con, on the tire's grip, handling and noise.  Furthermore, it is likely that those opinions are not favorable to the high-tech tire, but that may be about to change.  In Run-Flats, The Tires Everyone Hates (page 34) our editor writes about the development of run-flats, the benefits and the drawbacks. He also discusses Bridgeston'es new Potenza RE960 AS run-flats and describes how Bridgestone engineers have improved the ride quality, tread life. and handling, while lowering the noise levels. Find out what make these new tech tires such a great buy.

Owners of the R50 MINIs have been complaining for years that aftermarket performance parts just aren't available for the 'just a Cooper" MINI, but author Michel Tremblay found a few inexpensive ways to hop up the base model. In R50... Nifty! (page 37), Tremblay buys an exhaust system cross brace and a few other goodies designed to fit the S model and with only minor tweaks, installs them on a bone stock car, gaining improvements in power... and economy!

Our second easy DIY this issue is by Neil Chirico, who decided he wants No Drips! (page 40). Chirico says that as R53 age, they often start leaking oil from under the valve cover, causing smoke and oil loss. Furthermore, most dealers want about $500 to change out the gasket and seals, which is a lot of cash. The job does take a couple of hours, but with just a few hand tools and about $80 for parts, almost anyone can do this job, saving money and boosting self confidence.

Although our Project Clubman  (page 42) has officially wrapped up, we are still playing with the car and trying to improve its utility. This month, Barry Brazier  adds some Posh Mats, a Thule bike rack, and fixes the infamous "Death Rattle". He also pulls a little oil from the sump and sends it off to be analyzed by Blackstone Labratories, a company that specializes in engine oil analysis.

In our Mini Heritage Section this issue, John Morrow writes about his experiences in entering the Monte Carlo Historic rally.  This year marks the centennial running of the rally and John and his driver, Bill Richards competed in the event in a 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S, finishing the race despite a few mechanicals and difficulties. If you'd like to know how they placed when they crossed the finish line, read Rallye Historic on page 44.

Then in Open Wide, Say "Wow!" (page 47), Barry Brazier travels to Quesnel, BC to shoot one of the most perfect customized VTEC conversions of a classic Mini that we've ever seen. The car, owned by dentist Mandeep Jawanda, has been meticulously restored, modified and upgraded, with Mandeep doing virtually all the work in his home garage. This is a must read story and all we can say about the vehicle is that if this custom '79 Morris Mini 1000 is indicative of the quality of his dentistry, then it is definitely worth the trip up to BC to get the work done by a pro!

Well, that's the main editorial wrap up, but Issue 32 has plenty more information and news. We report on the first rally victory for MINI All4 Racing, the return of the UK MINI Es, the introduction of a high-performance diesel model in the UK (perhaps even in the US soon!), cover some Clubs & Events news, hit the high points on the latest MINI News, get the scoop from MINI Cindy, find out the cure from The Doctor and more.  To get this latest issue, all you have to do is click here!  Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy this latest issue of MC2 ~ Peter D. DuPre, Editor-In-Chief.