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Issue #08

May-June '07:

Spring has sprung and our eighth issue is jam packed with just the kind of stories that active MINI owners want to see.  Heading up our editorial package with a Vacation In Vegas - Mini Style (pg. 28), Gary Anderson has some fun in by taking A Mini Vacation (AMVIV) in Vegas, baby. What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas as far as AMVIV and Gary makes sure you are in on all the excitement that 500 MINIs have while darting around the city and through some of the most scenic country in the west. Lots of great photos by Gary, Norm Dettlaff and Jim Williams.

In our cover story (pg. 32), Moded Minis in Motion ...When the Green Flag Drops we take 11 performance-moddified minis through their paces at AMVIV at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch when we sponsor the MC2 Dynamic Showcase. We put the drivers and their cars through their paces, including our technical editor, Matt Richter, to see just what these hot rod MINIs can do.

MC2's Design Editor, Stephan McKeown then takes us on an inside tour of the 2007 MINI in a Field Guide to the New Interior (pg.40) discussing the changes and commenting on what works, what doesn't and what he'd like to see changed. He's got some great photos of the various interior options with callouts to highlight interesting and unusual features. With the literally hundreds of interior permutations available, keeping the details straight makes this is a must read story for anyone considering an '07 model.

In one of the road trips of all road trips, Terrence Barry does 48 States in 80 Days, MINI style. This plucky Irish ex-pat visits the smallest town in every state in the lower 48 looking for American.  Minis are made to be driven and Terry visits all of the best little places in the most famous of small cars. You can take a fantastic photo voyage of the small pleasures of this great country on page 44.

For Classic Mini buffs and all the automotive history buffs out there we've got two features that will help show why the Mini name is an automotive icon. Editor Gary Anderson highlights a near perfect Classic Cooper S (pg. 48) owned by Dave Noel and resident historian and Senior European Correspondent, Graham Robson disscusses the history of the original Mini Clubman in Where the Clubman Came From (pg. 52.) to give readers some perspective when they view the new Clubman model later this year.


In other features, our Dr. Speed, Matt Richter deviates from his usual go-fast mods to discuss brakes, telling  everything you need to know to about the other side of go. Gary and Matt then tackle installation of an M7 Intercooler on a supercharged Cooper S and also way to improve cooling on hopped up MINIs. Racing Editor Mini Cindy Shaffer installs a a set of performance disc brakes and calipers, Online Editor Peter DuPre highlights a unique Florida aftermarket store and does a story on two MINI dealers who hit the racing circuit. Under event coverage, David Thibodeau, Adam Schoolsky and Pete Basilliere campaign their MINIs in the Arctic Mini Run III.

But wait, there's more! In addition to a lot of great features, we've got all "The Regular Stuff" you've come to know and love over the past few issues. There are columns by Barry Brazier, Gary Anderson, Mini Cindy, Graham Robson, MINI news, book reviews, new products, club news and The Last Word. All in all, issue #8 is one of the best issues yet. It's full of all the stories and information that you've told us you want to read. We hope you enjoy it. ~ Peter D. DuPre, MC2 Online Editor.

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