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Letters To The Editor, Editorial for MC2 Pages

This is our editorial contact page. It can be used by subscribers, readers, or those wanting to respond to something they read in the pages of MC2. It can also be used by someone to request information about someting to do with their Mini or MINI, such as a problem they want input on from our techical staff or our contacts at shops.
For those sending us what could be seen as "Letters To The Editor" that could or are of a editorial nature or request, we reserve the right to edit these letters and use them in our appropriate editorial columns in MC2 and our associated websites, such as our GoMotoring. We can withhold the writer's name, identity, or location when requested and use it as "Name and location withheld by request."
Do yo need to talk with the editor or someone about sometjhing? Please try 360/ 698-7926.
If you use this form, your letter to us may become part of a future issue of MC2, or become part of our websites. Your letter becomes the property of Car Graphic, Inc. and its magazines and websites. You may ask us to not publish your full named and use initials, and/or location.
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