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An All American MINI

Crystal-Adorned MINI features iconic American imagery

NEW YORK – “American Icon,” a 2006 MINI adorned with more than one million Swarovski® crystals depicting iconic American imagery, was made to highlight the launch of a high-end crystal greeting card line by CrystalArt, Inc.
The bedazzled MINI, features famous American scenes such as the Alamo, American Eagle, American Flag, Statue of Libety, Mt. Rushmore, the Capitol Building, White House and the Space Shuttle all done in mural style from more than one million colored crystals. To make the one-of-a-kind MINI, artisans handcrafted colored stone crystals and meticulously placed  each on the vehicle. Each stone took four people to set and the entire project to some six months to complete.  Valued at $250,000, “American Icon” is CrystalArt’s unique way of introducing its new line of crystal-embellished greeting cards.

“We wanted to create something that would  pay tribute to America in an eye-catching way,” said creator Ken Burkitt. “The car takes on a completely different look as the light continually changes throughout the day.  The car’s design reflects the craftsmanship and detail of the luxury greeting card line we are launching.”
For more information on the “American Icon and CrystalArt, visit their website at .