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Monterey Friday, August 18

At the 2006 Monterey Historic Races at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, the the cars of John Cooper were honored. Over 75 cars bearing the Cooper name were on the track, ranging from Formula 1 cars to a whole group of classic Mini Coopers. Jack Brabham, five time F1 Grand Prix winner, was the honored guest, along with John Cooper, Michael Cooper's son and the head of John Cooper Works. In this picture, all of the Coopers are lined up on the Laguna Seca Track, with Brabham in front.


Friday of the Monterey Historics Weekend was the day when the first 35 U.S. owners took delivery of their John Cooper works GP cars at the Laguna Seca Race Track.

web818-GPs.jpg If the fact of receiving your keys to your own serial numbered GP wasn't exciting enough, MINI made it very special by having the delivery presided over by Tom Purves, head of all BMW operations in North and South America, your keys handed to you by Jim McDowell, vice-president of MINI USA, and your dashboard signed by Michael Cooper. Could it get any better than that? How about looking forward to tomorrow, Saturday, when you'll get a chance to put your new GP wheels out on the Laguna Seca Race Track?

Web818GP-FirstDelivery.jpgAt the delivery on Friday, Bruce Mueller was the first person to be called out to take possession of his keys. He couldn't have been more enthusiastic if he had just won the Grand Prix Championship.















Saturday is the Big Day for the MINI Corral and Track Parade at the Historics