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Lost or damaged issues policy January 2018...


 It is company policy to replace the current issue of MC2 if it's lost by the postal service or received in badly-damaged condition. We will replace a subscriber's lost or damaged copy only once per year if it is ours or the fault of the USPS. If you have moved and have not informed us using the form for address change on our site and a issue is lost due to such, we are not responsible for replacing that issue.


In most cases it takes between 15-25 days for the magazine to reach a subscriber (for all but a few dozen subscribers), but we do ask you wait 30-plus days from our mailing date before contacting us about a lost issue.  The mailing date for each issue is posted on "new issue" and/or the home page of this site.


If the mailed replacement issue is not delivered by the postman, we will not replace it with a 3rd copy, we will put the remaining issues on a hold with our system until we are informed via e-mail by the actual addressed subscriber. Please do not leave a message on any phone message system as we do not accept those.


If the delivery problem does occur on two issues in a one-year time period we may question if the address is actually deliverable, and will inform the subscriber that we cannot continue to send replacement issues.  We reserve the right to refund a subscriber's remaining subscription money, should subsequent deliveries of the publication continue to be problematic. We prefer not to send to corporate or company or corporate addresses, especially in large companies, as issues tend to get lost in the mailroom. Therefore, we do not guarantee delivery to company addresses, only to  home addresses and personal PO boxes.


We mail all mass-mailed subscriber's copies at 3rd or standard-class USPS. This level of mail is not forwarded by the USPS, so you must inform of us any address change ASAP and  a minimum of three weeks before the next issue is due to mail. See our subscription page for mailing dates so you can stay ahead of the system. We cooperate with the USPS system in undeliverable copies by them copying your magazine's cover and mailing it to us with the reason for being non-deliverable. This costs us the original magazine and a 50 cent charge by the USPS, so we cannot send a replacement if you have moved, are temporarily away in that time of year, or are out of the country on vacation/business. "Snowbirds" should inform us of their away times and we will hold or correct the database to send an issue or two to the temporary address. Then please inform us of your return to the home address.


We will replace a lost or badly-damaged issue only during the time that issue is current. That means your lost/damaged  issue is the only issue available, and the next greater or higher numbered issue has not yet been mailed.

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