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NOTE~ Technical articles from MC2 archives are posted here to help readers with their how-to projects. The advice contained on these pages is for educational purposes only. Before attempting any how-to project or vehicle modification, we recommend that you consult a professional. You should not undertake any repairs or modifications unless you have a working knowledge of automotive maintenance and repair, plus the proper tools. MC2 cannot and will not accept responsibility for accidents, vehicle problems, or any other issues resulting from readers acting upon the information presented on these pages. Inclusion of a technical topic, or description of a product installation, in no way implies that BMW or MINI will honor a warranty relating to that product or modification.

  • Wheels and Tires: Issue 1, Winter 2005
    Want to improve the ride and handling of your new MINI? There's broad agreement on the answer: First upgrade your wheels and tires. But beyond that point of agreement, there is a wide variety of opinions about what tires and wheels make the most sense. So in our first Tech FAQs feature, we've queried a number of specialists on this topic and have summarized their advice for you - Baby Needs New Shoes
  • Performance Upgrades: Issue 2, Spring 2006
    Everybody want to improve their MINI's overall performance but there are so many possible ways to modify your MINI that it is often difficult to know where to begin. As we all know, performance can be expensive, but there are 5 things you can do to your car to improve handling and performance that won't cost you a fortune. - Where Do I Start?
  • Three Brake Upgrades: Issue 4, Sept/Oct 2006
    In Issue 3, we discussed how to install brake pads on the front wheels of your MINI. In addition, we think there are three other brake upgrades that every owner should consider installing for increased safety and handling responsiveness: on the R50 and R53 (pre-2007 MINIs), we also recommend replacing the OEM brake lines, brake caliper guide bushings, and brake fluid. This article will show you how. – Quick on the Pedal
  • Battery Basics: Issue 6, Jan/Feb 2007
    Cold weather, hot weather and the number of accessories you drive can all have an impact on your battery's life span. This article provides the basics on battery technology, telling you what you need to know to choose a replacement model wisely. - Charged Up and Read to Go! (THIS LINK UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Thank you for your patience.
  • Power & Torque ~ Building a Racing Simulator: Issue 9, July/Aug 2007
    In the article, Why All the Fuss About Power and Torque (page 62), Technical Editor Matt Richter presented the basic facts on optimizing power and torque from a MINI engine and explained how to measure what the engine can do and figure out how fast it can go in a race. Unfortunately, there wasn't page space to include the racing simulator. This link explains how the simulator was built and what can be learned from it. - Building A Racing Simulator