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mirror boombox

The Mirror Boombox(tm) is a BMW/MINI licensed product built by iui Design, a globally known company, so MC2 is very happy to be the first to to offer this for sale.

Reviewed in MC2 issue #45 by our Audio Editor, Lee Horton, it's approx. half the size of a MINI's outside mirror, and is styled like that mirror. The lower half is the speaker, the upper half you can adjust your sunglasses with. It's available in Union Jack coloring, or Blackjack coloring to fit your style.

Essentially, the Mirror Boombox is a speaker that connects to just about any device having Bluetooth ability, and accepts a 3.5mm input. It's stylishly packaged in its own plastic case with handle that has a compartment underneath the Boombox that houses the international electric plugs and the miniature USB cable for re-charging. On the front edge of the mirror are three touch-sensitive points for volume and play/pause. The NFC (near-field communication) is on the rounded back so you can pair this with your device. The USB power input is also on the rounded back .

The flat bottom has a slip-resitant pad and porting for some impressive bass sound from such a small speaker that fits into a small women's hand. The on/off switch is also underneath. Move the on/off switch from side to side and a few seconds later comes the throaty sound of a small engine revving and tyres moving out. Turn it off and it says "Goodbye" in a British-styled voice.

The NFC function is very easily paired with the devices like phone and such we tried, simply by a gentle tap of the two to the Boomboxe's NFC-equipped rear. It's not excessively "bright" in the treble sound quality, and the bass is better than would be expected from a small device like this. Our Lee says it's good as a microphone and call quality is very good, too.

It will be shipped from the factory using the Singapore and US Postal systems at no charge to your address specified in your order form, not from MC2 headquarters in Seattle. Some packages will be opened by US Customs for inspection purposes, as were the initial demo units sent to us for review ion MC2. From order to shipping is approximately 10-15 days as we are working on a "bulk order basis" with the factory. Delivery from Singapore to Seattle took 10 days as our package was in US Customs two days. We cannot track packages through this site. Overall, we expect 20-30 days from order date to delivery, so please be patient.

You can order using your Visa or Mastercard in this secure site, or send a check through gthe mail, or call us, and we will take your order over the phone using your credit card.

If you have questions, please contact us at HQ: 360/ 698-7926, or

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