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Welcome to our special offers pageThese offers are for US & US military addresses only please ( Except for offer #8).


For Canada and foreign addresses, we will need to charge extra after the sale for shipping. For instance, the box of back issues is US$13 to mail across the USA, but costs US$35 total into Canada. 


Yes, we are charging you the actual cost of the USPS expense- no "handling" or up charge!


We have a few dozen of our 2008 MTTS messenger bags we want to/must sell, so if you're wanting the best MINI messenger bag ever, then please call us at 360/698-7926 (Seattle area) and we'll take your order over the phone as the variety of bags available can get confusing. For instance, each bag has a color, then strap color, and has either a hardtop or cabrio image, and that image may be available in a few colors depending upon inventory. Please call us at 360/ 698-7926 for this offer. (The outlined images are of the R53 models)


1) The boxed issues offer is 17 magazines with all available back issues starting at #13 to #57, although there are issues missing in between. It's just $30 + $13 USPS Priority Mail.


3) Or, for new USA subscribers.  A messenger bag and a 6-issue subscription for $30 + the  $13 USPS mail. WOW! (A 6-issue sub is $24.95!) We'll send latest issue in bag to start your subscription, too. 


4) A 6-issue subscription + 6 past issues mailed to you in an envelope for $30 + $6 USPS Priority Mail. That's some to read down the road, some to read this week. 


6) Our best deal is our 12-issue + bag offer. We send the bag with the present issue for $44.95 + the $13 USPS cost to US addresses. 


7) A 3-issue subscription test drive for $10. That's 3 issues mailed to your door for 60% less than the $24.95 6-issue price. 


8) A 3-issue subscription test drive for US$15 for our Canadian friends. That's 60% off the the $35.00 sub price. 


9) US residents buy a standard 6-issue paper subscription for $24.95. Once processed - it could take us a few hours - we e-mail your six selections from issue #38 through #57 that you notate in the order note section. We'll charge $6 for the extra six PDF issues. Then we start you with paper issue #58 in July... You get to share with your MINI friends all those PDFs, take them with you anywhere on your mobile device you wish. Wow, MC2 travels with you!  Please note each of the back issues you want in the note section of your order. 


Please call us at 360/ 698-7926, or e-mail us at so we can call you to place your Vincie messenger Bag order as we have limited quantities of colors, styles and if the bag is a cabrio or hardtop design. We'll call your phone ASAP! 








3) 6-issue subscription w/ Vincie Bag (USA) 3) 6-issue subscription w/ Vincie Bag (USA)
4) 6-issue MC2 Subscription with 6 Back issues (USA) 4) 6-issue MC2 Subscription with 6 Back issues (USA)
1) box of back issues 13-57 (USA only offer) 1) box of back issues 13-57 (USA only offer)
9) 6 paper + 6 PDF issues (USA) 9) 6 paper + 6 PDF issues (USA)
6) 13-year anniversary special 6) 13-year anniversary special
7) $10 for 3 issues offer (USA) 7) $10 for 3 issues offer (USA)
8) 3-issue special canada 8) 3-issue special canada
Three issues of MC2 mailed to your door for US$15.