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Welcome to our special offers pageThese offers are for US & US military addresses only please ( Except for offer #8).


For Canada and foreign addresses, we will need to charge extra after the sale for shipping. For instance, the box of back issues is US$13 to mail across the USA, but costs US$35 total into Canada. 


Yes, we are charging you the actual cost of the USPS expense- no "handling" or up charge!


We have a few dozen of our 2008 MTTS messenger bags we want to/must sell, so if you're wanting the best MINI messenger bag ever, then please call us at 360/698-7926 (Seattle area) and we'll take your order over the phone as the variety of bags available can get confusing. For instance, each bag has a color, then strap color, and has either a hardtop or cabrio image, and that image may be available in a few colors depending upon inventory. Please call us at 360/ 698-7926 for this offer. (The outlined images are of the R53 models)


1) The boxed issues offer is 18 magazines with all available issues starting at #13 to #57, although there are issues missing in between. It's just $25 + $13 USPS Priority Mail.



2) The messenger bag + 6 recent back issues tucked into the bag is just $25.00 plus the $13 USPS Priority Mail.



3) Or, for new subscribers.  A messenger bag and a 6-issue subscription for $25 + the  $13 USPS mail. WOW! (A 6-issue sub is $24.95!) We'll send latest issue in bag, too. 



4) A 6-issue subscription + 6 past issues mailed to you in an envelope for $25 + $6 USPS Priority Mail. That's some to read down the road, some to read this week. 



5) Also, we have 1 color of our Cousin  Ernie mugs (sorry, just 9 green as of early May) in a box for just $22 +  $13 US Mail at this link…,10,8  



6) The all-in offer... A 12-issue subscription to MC2 gets you a messenger bag stuffed with 6 back issues for the same cost as a 12-issue subscription- $44.95. You just pay the extra USPS $13 for the messenger bag and back issues to your US address above your 12-issue subscription. 


7) A 3-issue subscription drive test for $10. That's 3 issues mailed to your door for 60% less than the $24.95 6-issue price. 


8) A 3-issue subscription test drive for US$15 for our Canadian friends. That's 60% off the the $35.00 sub price. 


Please call us at 360/ 698-7926, or e-mail us at so we can call you to place your Vincie messenger Bag order as we have limited quantities of colors, styles and if the bag is a cabrio or hardtop design. We'll call your phone ASAP! 








2) Vincie messenger bag w/ 6 back issues 2) Vincie messenger bag w/ 6 back issues
3) 6-issue subscription w/ Vincie Bag 3) 6-issue subscription w/ Vincie Bag
4) 6-issue MC2 Subscription with 6 Back issues (USA) 4) 6-issue MC2 Subscription with 6 Back issues (USA)
1) box of back issues 13-57 (USA only offer) 1) box of back issues 13-57 (USA only offer)
6) 13-year anniversary special 6) 13-year anniversary special
7) $10 for 3 issues offer (USA) 7) $10 for 3 issues offer (USA)
8) 3-issue special canada 8) 3-issue special canada
Three issues of MC2 mailed to your door for US$15.