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6issue Standard Subscription (U.S.)
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12 issue Standard Subscription (U.S.)
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6issue Subscription (Canada)
6-issue subscription
12 issue Subscription (Canada)
12 issue Subscription (Canada)
12 Issues
6 issue Subscription (International & Mexico)
6 issue Subscription (International & Mexico)
6 issues


Sign up now for your subscription, or renew your subscription, to MC2 magazine, the independent magazine for MINI owners.

Standard (USA) 6-isssue subscriptions are $29.95, Canada US$35, Mexico and all other foreign US$60 in retail pricing. We may have promotional specials shown in the menus below that are offered for a limited time and price. Offers are not retroactive, so if you subscribed at a higher price in prior days or weeks, please do not ask for the lower price.
Unlike larger publishing companies, we cannot start your desired subscription with a prior issue (that has already mailed) that we consider a back issue due to the mailing cost difference in bulk to single-copy/1st-class mailing. 

Subscriptions take 5-10-plus days for delivery (Alaska and Hawaii are longer) in the USA from date of mailing each issue, but we do ask 30 days until you request a make-up/replacement issue. (See lost/damaged copies contact button on this website to the left).  Please understand, we cannot guarantee the quality of foreign delivery whether they are in a plastic bag or brown envelope as so many postal machines and people handle the foreign mail. Replacements for paper copies outside of the USA are not available, we send full-res PDF replacements. Please be aware that APO/FPO addresses take more time for delivery than usual US addresses.

Please note: If you charge by VISA, Mastercard or Discover credit card, the charge may appear as "Car Graphic Inc. /MC2", not MC2 magazine on your bill. We do not accept other credit cards, nor PayPal. If you later deny our charging your credit card for the amount of your purchase and it is not due to fraud, lost card etc., it will cost similar to bouncing a check, so please think before calling your bank to stop the charge.


If you wish to subscribe by mail, send your check made out to Car Graphic Inc. with your mailing instructions of your name, street address or P.O. box, city/state/zip code and your current phone number and e-mail- to MC2 MINI Magazine, 4640 Chico Way, Bremerton, WA 98312. Put in a small note along with your check please, and make sure we have your e-mail as that 's how we renew our subscribers. We do not contact you via the US Mail.


MC2 magazine does not have a refund policy of any subscription fee paid us due to the USPS not delivering an issue. We offer only to replace that lost and/or damaged magazine issue by USPS 1st class mail to your known address. Refunds are made for money not yet used in the subscription allowance only when we (the company) have not met our agreement to supply the number of magazines in the subscription due to an internal fault of ours, and we cannot send make-up issues for some reason, such as no longer having those issues available. We reserve the right to send lost issues to complete the original agreement with the subscriber so that our service is 100%. 

Please use this form to request a replacement copy from us replacement magazine will be mailed the day of the receipt (if the USPS is available) to the address you verify on  this form and will be checked against your original subscription address.  If you have moved and not filled out our change of address form on the contact button, we cannot be held responsible for that move of delivery address and the magazines not arriving at the new address as magazines are rarely forwarded by the USPS. Please use this change of address form when needed.


Thanks for your help, courtesy. We hope to meet your MINI reading needs for years to come,

Barry Brazier
Publisher MC2
360/ 698-7926 (Seattle) 


[email protected]